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About Aristotle

About Us

Aristotle is recognized as a pioneer in political technology. For more than 25 years, every occupant of the White House — Democrat and Republican — has been an Aristotle customer, as are most U.S. Senators, most members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Democratic and Republican state party organizations. Year round, thousands of Americans involved in the political process — from grassroots organizers toWashington insiders — rely on Aristotle. Aristotle is proudly non-partisan.

Aristotle’s database relies on information provided by state, county and local election boards and is constantly updated to ensure accuracy. Aristotle will not sell or transfer any personal information you provide us for any purpose, although you may see an ad when we display your polling location (through Google AdSense). You can find our privacy policy here.

We are offering a customized version of the WhereIVote service to political organizations, associations and advocacy groups to help in GOTV efforts in the days before the election. Contact sales@aristotle.com for more information information.

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Questions or Concerns?

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